Brazilian Infrastructure Programme ‘Projeto Crescer’: Another example of a Corruption by Design Policy?

Great piece and defintely worth a read.

A Green Light

Projeto Crescer

About two years ago I developed a research about PAC, the Brazilian “Big Push” infrastructure policy. Launched in 2007 by President Lula the purpose of PAC was to unlock growth by developing the infrastructure of the country – a clear “infrastructure-led development” approach.

More than tackling the infrastructure gap alone, the theory of change of PAC also included other broad – and ambitious – objectives, such as income and employment generation, reduction of regional and social inequalities and macroeconomic stability.

In 9 years of execution PAC consumed roughly BRL 2.3 trillion in federal funds (according to the reports of SEPAC – the Secretariat of PAC). Massive projects that you may have heard of, such as Belo Monte, Jirau, Santo Antonio, Abreu e Lima Oil Plant, the integration of the São Francisco basin, were executed within PAC. No doubt a colossal policy intended to tackle several infrastructure gaps at…

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