I am Complex – I am Omnichannel

In another lifetime, I spent ten years as the singer/songwriter & guitarist for a Dublin-based indie/folk band. Like most musicians, I had very little money, but I needed to find a way to buy good quality equipment. After months of research online and in brick-and-mortar stores, I decided to buy a Martin 00015 (a very … Continue reading I am Complex – I am Omnichannel


Can you hear the disruptors coming?

The term ‘customer experience’ is becoming (if it has not already become) a buzzword within many industries. Most companies at this stage will recognise the need for customer centricity, or will at least recognise that many people are talking about it within their sector. The problem however, is that companies may not truly understand what … Continue reading Can you hear the disruptors coming?

Financing Start-ups Through Crowdfunding

Digitisation is affecting everything in modern business. From how companies market themselves to their intended user, to how people apply for jobs. Start-ups are no different and have been forced to adapt to the same changes as all other companies in all industries. One area that has changed dramatically is financing. Before digitisation, the standard … Continue reading Financing Start-ups Through Crowdfunding